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Details for: Agrigan
Clouds drape the flat-topped summit of Agrigan, the highest of the Marianas arc volcanoes, in this view from the south. The elliptical island is 8 km long; its 965-m-high summit is the top of a massive 4000-m-high submarine volcano, the second largest in the Mariana Islands. An elongated summit caldera is 1 x 2 km wide, 500 m deep, and is breached to the NW. The vegetated flanks of the volcano consist almost entirely of pyroclastic deposits that are more than 100 m thick on the SW flank. Photo by Dick Moore, 1990 (U.S. Geological Survey).
Volcano Number:284160
Volcano Name:Agrigan
Country:United States
Volcano Type:Stratovolcano
Last Eruption:1917
Tectonic Setting:Subduction zone / Crustal thickness unknown
Pop. within 5km:0
Pop. within 10km:0
Pop. within 30km:0
Pop. within 100km:0

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
284160 Agrigan 18502 Confirmed Eruption 4 Historical Observations 1917/4/9
Emissions Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution No emissions data found for this volcano.

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Data from the MaGa Database
Location: Summit Crater, Agrigan (View Details at MaGa DB)
Description: unknown
Hazard Description: unknown
Type: fumarole
Region: Northern Islands, CNMI
Country: Northern Mariana Islands
Volcanic Complex: Agrigan
Gas Concentration Data:
Measurement Name Detail Specie Concentration Unit of Measure
Mar-7 Detail H2O 957.91 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail CO2 937.05 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail S (total) 56.02 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail SO2 11.07 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail H2S 44.76 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail HCl 2.501 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail HF 0.005 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail NH3 0.018 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail Ar 0.038 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail N2 2.812 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail He 0.01332 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail H2 1.516 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail O2 0.015 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail CH4 0.011 micromol/mol
Mar-7 Detail CO 0.00323 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail H2O 890.19 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail CO2 883.17 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail S (total) 109.2 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail H2S 109.2 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail HCl 4.796 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail HF 0.003 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail NH3 0.006 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail Ar 0.029 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail N2 1.874 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail He 0.00763 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail H2 0.905 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail O2 0.003 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail CH4 0.007 micromol/mol
Mar-8 Detail CO 0.00141 micromol/mol
Gas Isotope Data:
Measurement Name Detail Isotope Abundance Unit of Measure
Mar-7 Detail d15N -2.7 permill_vs_smow
Mar-8 Detail d15N -2.5 permill_vs_smow
Gas Temperature Data:
Measurement Name Detail Temperature Unit of Measure
Mar-7 Detail 98 °C
Mar-8 Detail 98 °C