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Mount Martin is large, glacier-covered stratovolcano at the southern end of the group of volcanoes in the Katmai area. Steam rises from the summit crater and sulfur stains the snow and ice in this 1990 view. The crater, which is breached to east, is the site of intense fumarolic activity and sometimes contains a small crater lake. The volcano was named for George C. Martin, the first person to visit and describe the Katmai area after the 1912 eruption. Photo by Christina Neal, 1990 (U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Volcano Observatory).
Volcano Number:312140
Volcano Name:Martin
Country:United States
Volcano Type:Stratovolcano
Last Eruption:1953
Tectonic Setting:Subduction zone / Continental crust (> 25 km)
Pop. within 5km:0
Pop. within 10km:0
Pop. within 30km:0
Pop. within 100km:914

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
312140 Martin 20207 Confirmed Eruption Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -1750
312140 Martin 20208 Confirmed Eruption Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -800
312140 Martin 20209 Confirmed Eruption Volcano Uncertain: Kukak Bay ashfall; probably Martin 1951/7/22
312140 Martin 20210 Confirmed Eruption Volcano Uncertain: SW of Trident; probably Martin 1953/2/17
Emissions Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution No emissions data found for this volcano.

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Location: Mount Martin (View Details at MaGa DB)
Description: Mount Martin is a stratovolcano, located on the Alaska Peninsula, United States. It is one of the volcanoes in the vicinity of the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. Although an eruption in 1953 is now considered questionable and no other confirmed eruptive activity has taken place at Mount Martin, there is intense fumarolic activity within its summit crater.
Hazard Description: not reported
Type: volcanic_plume
Region: Alaska, USA
Country: United States
Volcanic Complex: Mount Martin
Gas Flux Data:
Measurement Name Detail Specie Flux Std. Dev. Unit of Measure
Martin_24051998 Detail SO2 114 0 Mg/d