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The Krísuvík volcanic system consists of a group of NE-SW-trending crater rows and small shield volcanoes cutting the central Reykjanes Peninsula west of Kleifarvatn lake (top center). Several eruptions have taken place since the settlement of Iceland, including the emplacement of a large lava flow from the Ogmundargigar crater row around the 12th century that reached the southern coast of the Reykjanes Peninsula (lower right) along a broad front. Photo by Oddur Sigurdsson, 1983 (Icelandic National Energy Authority).
Volcano Number:371030
Volcano Name:Krysuvik
Volcano Type:Crater rows
Last Eruption:1340
Tectonic Setting:Rift zone / Oceanic crust (< 15 km)
Pop. within 5km:29070
Pop. within 10km:29070
Pop. within 30km:164484
Pop. within 100km:195915

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
371030 Krysuvik 19919 Confirmed Eruption 0 Hagafell Tephrochronology -8500
371030 Krysuvik 19920 Confirmed Eruption 0 Hrútagjár Tephrochronology -6000
371030 Krysuvik 19921 Confirmed Eruption 2 Burfell Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -5290
371030 Krysuvik 19922 Confirmed Eruption 0 Sandfellskofagigir Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -1060
371030 Krysuvik 19923 Confirmed Eruption 2 Obrinnisholar Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -190
371030 Krysuvik 19924 Confirmed Eruption 2 Melholl, Afstapahraun Tephrochronology 900
371030 Krysuvik 19925 Confirmed Eruption 0 Gvendarselsgigar Radiocarbon (uncorrected) 1075
371030 Krysuvik 19926 Confirmed Eruption 1 Ogmundargigar and other vents Historical Observations 1151
371030 Krysuvik 19927 Confirmed Eruption 1 Mavahlidargigir Historical Observations 1188
371030 Krysuvik 19928 Confirmed Eruption 1 Elborg vid Trolladyngju Tephrochronology 1325
371030 Krysuvik 19929 Confirmed Eruption 1 Tradarfjöll Tephrochronology 1340
Emissions Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution No emissions data found for this volcano.

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Location: Krýsuvík geothermal area (View Details at MaGa DB)
Description: Krýsuvík is one of five presently active geothermal areas on the Reykjanes Peninsula, in Iceland. Geothermal activity at Krýsuvík includes hot grounds, steaming vents, steam-heated hot springs and mud pots, and pervasive surface alteration. The most important surface manifestations are confined to the Sveifluháls area, including Austurengjahver and the small areas of Seltún and Hveradalur.
Hazard Description: not reported
Type: fumarole
Region: Capital Region, Iceland
Country: Iceland
Volcanic Complex: Krýsuvík
Gas Flux Data:
Measurement Name Detail Specie Flux Std. Dev. Unit of Measure
Krysuvik_05072013 Detail CO2 5.7 0.9 Mg/d