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An ash-laden eruption column rises above a volcanic cone behind the town of Vestmannaeyjar on the island of Heimaey in 1973. The pumping operation in the foreground was designed to cool the front of an advancing lava flow that threatened the town and its harbor. Twenty-two postglacial eruption sites are known in the mostly submarine Vestmannaeyjar volcanic system, which occupies a shallow shelf off the southern coast of Iceland. It contains the renowned island of Surtsey, which grew from the sea floor in an eruption that began in 1963. Photo by Jack Lockwood, 1973 (U.S. Geological Survey).
Volcano Number:372010
Volcano Name:Vestmannaeyjar
Volcano Type:Submarine
Last Eruption:1973
Tectonic Setting:Rift zone / Oceanic crust (< 15 km)
Pop. within 5km:1685
Pop. within 10km:1685
Pop. within 30km:2188
Pop. within 100km:17538

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12549 Confirmed Eruption 4 NW Heimaey (Háin tuff ring) Tephrochronology -8050
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12550 Confirmed Eruption 3 ? NW Heimaey (Nordurklettar) Tephrochronology -7550
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12551 Confirmed Eruption Alsey, Brandur, Sudurey, Hellisey Tephrochronology -6050
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12552 Confirmed Eruption Heimaey (Stórhöfdi tuff cone) Tephrochronology -4550
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12553 Confirmed Eruption 3 Heimaey (Saefell tuff cone) Radiocarbon (corrected) -4270
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12554 Confirmed Eruption Heimaey (Helgafell) Uranium-series -3950
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12555 Confirmed Eruption SW of Heimaey ? Historical Observations 1637 1638/2/28
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12556 Confirmed Eruption South or SE of Hellisey Historical Observations 1896
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12557 Confirmed Eruption 3 Surtsey Historical Observations 1963/11/8 1967/6/5
372010 Vestmannaeyjar 12558 Confirmed Eruption 3 Heimaey (Eldfell) Historical Observations 1973/1/23 1973/6/28
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